Children’s Services

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With budgets under pressure and an unprecedented number of children in care or at risk of being in the care system, Children’s Services are having to manage a wide range of system pressures. V4 are able to support Councils to take the decisive action needed to control costs, reduce demand, prioritise services and improve business processes. A diagnostic review of services enables V4 to work in partnership with your teams to deploy a range of interventions to build an affordable service.

Our partnership ethos engages all stakeholders with a vested interest in making a difference for children and young people, including children and their families to reshape services in the present and for the future. We understand that having real choices and control in their lives is of primary importance to children and their families.




Benefits to you

  • Improved efficiency whilst achieving better outcomes for children and young people
  • Service improvements resulting in better performance through positive stakeholder management
  • Shift in values from a sense of powerlessness to a mood of optimism and empowerment

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