Our management consultants understand the challenges that the public sector faces.  Clients call on us to help understand and devise ways to respond to the challenges they face.

Our first step is always to understand the challenge and the best outcomes that could be achieved.   We work closely with senior management and functional leaders to identify possible options and advise on the best route for the desired solution.

Health & Adult Social Care

V4 Services works in partnership with key stakeholders to address the leading issues facing health and social care economies. Our intelligent data analysis enables evidence-based solution design and implementation. As a client you can expect to benefit from performance improvement, pathway re-design and programme management. With the NHS under growing pressure and local authority budgets reducing, we will address the need for a sustainable and integrated approach. Read more

Children’s Services

By understanding your local market of care and support providers, children and their families have more choice and control to make the decisions about what they need. V4 can support this through diagnostic reviews, pathway re-design and process re-engineering. While local authority budgets are reducing and the demand on services grows, we will help you prevent the risk of children falling between service gaps. Read more

Community Services

With Social Enterprise organisations delivering public services and voluntary services ensuring community cohesion, we can carry out service reviews, offer alternative delivery vehicles and support you with in-sourcing and outsourcing. We understand the issues you face such as subsidy removal, commercial approaches and the financial constraints placed on non-statutory services.  Read more

Public Health

With the integration of public health and social services provided by the local authority through the well-being agenda, commissioning the right type of services is key to improving health outcomes for residents. V4 will provide you with a data analysis review, contract appraisal and a strategic review of health and the wellbeing agenda. By doing so we will support you to address changing behaviours and lifestyle, budget reductions and help implement successful prevention strategies. Read more

Corporate Services

V4 Services can carry out a review of your corporate capacity to deliver frontline services. Through the provision of our alternative delivery models, we can enable you to sell your services to those who require them. Our review of your corporate centre will ensure it is fit for purpose, while addressing the issues of reductions to local authority budgets and workforce policy constraints preventing services from meeting the needs of users. Read more

Housing Services

An intelligent client service is required to deliver major regeneration projects, while developing sustainable housing strategies for social and affordable housing. V4 Services can create and implement a Project Management Office (PMO) for major regeneration programmes and carry out a housing service review. Our work will support you to meet the government’s Decent Homes Standard, by addressing the key issues faced such as the lack of affordable housing, lack of investment and poor housing standards. Read more






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