We understand that you may have questions about how V4 Services can help your organisation.  Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below and if you don’t see an answer to your question, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

  • Why is V4 Services different?

    We don’t just review a service and write a report. We work closely with your team to identify practical solutions to your problems. Our consultants will provide leadership and support for as long as needed. The work carried out by V4 will ensure that when the project is completed we leave a legacy of skills and knowledge, empowering your onsite teams to continue the work independently.

  • How much resource will we have to commit?

    You decide how we’ll work with your teams.  We don’t deliver a solution and then disappear after a few weeks; we make sure that the solution delivered is fully understood by your staff, enabling them to continue to deliver benefits after the project is delivered.

  • How will success be measured?

    The measurement of success will depend on the service under review. For example, in social care, it’s about looking for innovative models that meet older people’s needs in a way that gives more choice while reducing cost and risk.

  • Does V4 provide value for money?

    For every £1 that you spend on our services you will receive the equivalent of £5 back through efficiency, service improvement and reductions in the cost of delivering services.

  • What are the main problems you can solve?

    We have worked in partnership with over 120 UK public sector organisations including: councils, NHS, social enterprises and trading bodies providing hands-on delivery support to set up new business structures, improve the efficiency of in-house services, encourage a commercial approach and generate savings and service improvements.

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