Bespoke services for organisational transformational challenges

I have worked at V4 Services for 3 years now, my role as Consultant sees me working with a number of clients to deliver a variety of projects. This means I am part of several teams at once and work with a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

Working for V4 means being part of a team of experts with a wealth of experience covering most of the public sector. My experience is in Procurement, Category Management, Contract Management and development of Procurement functions but colleagues cover Health, Leisure and Housing and Re-generation and Data Analytics, so between us we form a formidable and flexible team with the capability to transform business.

Our services are often bespoke to meet the needs of any particular organisational transformational challenge but typically come from a tool set developed over the last 10 years of business covering large scale and complex procurement projects, PMO services, Organisational transformation and Alternative delivery models.

V4 provide a whole range of services but also assist clients with the delivery of the change. We can provide everything from relatively simple assessments of where your organisation is now to give an idea of current position, measured against best practice and build on that to look at specific areas and provide support with projects such as; maximising potential of Leisure services, procurement of catering concessions, selecting a strategic partner to design, build and operate your venues or setting up alternative delivery models for specific services such as waste, FM, Housing & Repairs and cultural services to name just a few. We do this through a suite of services covering advice and management of early market engagement, procurement processes, project management, change management and potentially setting up alternative delivery models.

On a day to day basis this sees me not only working with my extended team of colleagues based around the UK and delivering work on various client sites but also working closely with the individuals and teams within the client organisations. This means I get the added benefit of working with the client team and the V4 team, this mix allows for knowledge to be shared and provides clients with access to an exceptional talent pool that they would otherwise never be able to resource for to cover all areas.

V4 work with the suppliers in the market all the time we have market knowledge and experience, we negotiate on behalf of our clients through our Supplier Engagement Programme to help properly align the buying organisation and the supplier organisations with the result being a better working relationship and a more strategic focus where appropriate, often avoiding the need for procurement or flushing out the true requirements before going to market.

Most engagements involve Data Analytics and categorisation of spend, grouped with a change management programme to move from a reactional procurement function to a strategic “intelligent client” model in which V4 deliver improved governance, forward planning and commercial thinking to the sourcing process, enabling early involvement and freeing up resource to get ahead of the curve rather than constantly being on the back foot. This can be delivered as a programme of work or as a service to augment your procurement function. Our Analysts will take your data and turn it into information to help you take well informed decisions.

As a client of V4 you will receive a unique mix of skills, experience with a wide network of associates and a proven set of tools and techniques to break down some of the barriers to change and move your organisation forward to a market leader.

As Consultants with V4 Services we will remain driven by the Public Sector values to change that will in turn deliver savings and efficiencies to play our part in closing the budget gap.

Neil Robb, Consultant

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